GINA GONZALEZREYNA.MA.MFT - compassionate, no-nonsense, strenghts-based psychotherapy
Encouragement and hope is what I offer; growth and contentment is what you experience.i will help you enhance the quality of your interactions with your son, daughter, partner, spouse, mother, aunt, father... achieve a sense of delight in those relationships that matter to you; discover joy in parenting; recognize success in dealing with your child or teenager. 

  Imagine a marionette; see the hand of your subconscious pre-verbal experiences, notice the strings of family demands and environmental pressures, feel the pulls of societal norms and the tugs of guilt and mounting depression.  
   Imagine you; slowly and surely conquering the unavoidable challenges that have negatively influenced your life.  imagine yourself as increasingly mindful, aware of your emotions, of your strengths. see yourself moving freely toward positive and adaptive decisions, smiling.
and remember to take 
a deep breath...

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