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I wish I’d known! 

2-day workshops designed to strengthen

your parenting skills.

PARENTING!! Its thesaurus description is the exact description of something easier said than done:

“the experiences, skills, qualities, and responsibilities involved in being a parent and in teaching and caring for a child.”  

Through my own parenting experiences, both as daughter and mother, I have developed a system BASED ON MINDFULNESS AND KNOWLEDGE that works to explore, liberate, inspire and set in motion your own victorious qualities as parent and caregiver. 

  • INTERACTIVE- The power of social interaction is harnessed to promote change.
  • SUPPORTIVE- Adaptive changes are encouraged by the instructor through awareness exercises, interesting group activities, relaxation/meditation/ breathing.
  • CONVENIENT- I wish I’d known! workshops are offered to small groups or families. in a 2-day format at 3 levels: The Basics, Skilled and Insight.
  • PRAGMATIC- Each 2-day workshop held on a Saturday or Sunday with one week in between to practice your new skills at home.

I wish I’d known! 

 the 3 levels 

The Basics- Become enlightened with essential information. ACHIEVE effective communication. LEARN and UNDERSTAND your child's developmental stages. EFFECTIVELY UTILIZE relaxation skills, behaviour/ activity charts, and consequence giving. INCREASE YOUR AWARENESS as caregiver: define who you want to be as a parent/ caregiver and connect with your hopes and dreams for your children. LEARN the secrets of reflective mindfulness. RELAX about "making mistakes” or "messing up the kids".

Skilled- DEEPEN your understanding of your own needs and automatic reactions. Deepen your understanding of your child’s needs. LEARN communication techniques that will change your life. ASSERTIVELY and effectively express your feelings and needs. SUBSTITUTE impulsive or reactive decisions with INNER KNOWLEDGE and PEACE OF MIND.

Insight-GROW in harmony with your child and family. DEEPEN your knowledge of reflective mindfulness. MAKE A PRACTICE of taking the loving point of view. OPEN your heart and mind to your child's individual needs, feelings and dreams. KEEP relationships glowing with a steady level of understanding and love. 

On the second day of Skilled and Insight stages there is a GRADUATION where your children CELEBRATE with you and bring their own knowledge to the table.

  • $200 per person.
  • please arrive before 9:30 am.
  • each session ends at 2:30 pm.
  • save $100! $300 for two (couple, friends, family...)
  • groups or families up to 8 members.
  • refreshments served during break.
  • take home materials.
  • diploma of completion.
  • available in Spanish.

I provide english-spanish interpretations

in my office or another therapists'.

My private practice is conveniently located in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, where I see children, adolescents, families and individuals in private therapy sessions.

310. 663 0266

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